KA-BAR Knives: An American Icon

Hardcore Lives. Hardcore Knives.

From its humble cutlery and razor manufacturing origins in the late 1800s, to its present-day manufacturing plant in Olean, NY, KA-BAR has consistently made some of the best hunting, survival and sporting knives in the world.

The Marine Combat knife is still the best seller and remains as the ‘cornerstone’ of the KA-BAR business to this day. Made to the exact same standards as it was originally in 1941 when the Fighting Utility Knife became standard issue for Marines shipping out to the South Pacific. The knifeā€™s performance in the battle for Guadalcanal cemented the legacy of KA-BAR.

KA-BAR continues to be innovative, claiming to have knives for every purpose, even the zombie apocalypse.

“This is American craftsmanship at it’s finest” says President John Stitt. “We are an American Icon. We make the best knives out there”

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