4 thoughts on “A Spoon Comes To Life”

  1. Hello Paul.
    Now that’s a spoon knife! Rather larger than my Ben Orford version.
    Lovely spoon, well executed, in a wonderful setting.
    Two small suggestions for the young carver.
    1. Make a wooden kuksa to drink from.
    2. Use a knife point to create the handle hole.
    Love the music too.
    Methinks I’m going to enjoy your new website, sir 🙂

    1. Thank you sir, good to see you here, enjoying the contents.

      I’m very much enjoying curating the library of films we are building. I hope it continues to delight, inspire and educate.

      Warm regards,


      PS yes that is a big spoon knife!

  2. What a fantastic video and great to capture a craftsman in action. Videos like this make you want to go straight outside and get on with your own learning.

    Thanks for taking the time to find and share this video in one central place, lots to be inspired by .

    Cheers Tim

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