How To Make A Traditional Crab Pot From Willow

Retired fisherman David Harrison shows how to make a traditional pot for catching crabs or lobsters.

David uses willow wands he has harvested.

This style of pot is sometimes referred to as an “inkpot” lobster or crap trap. It’s almost certain this techique goes back longer than actual inkpots.

Noone is quite sure where the technique originated but they have been used traditionally off the coast of Devon and Cornwall for many generations.

In this video, filmed in St. Ives, Cornwall, David’s deft hands make this tradtional craft look easy.

This demonstration is particularly valuable as David is not just a basket-maker, he is also a fisherman, with all this combined knowledge and insight applied to making these tradtional food-gathering devices.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Traditional Crab Pot From Willow”

  1. Re Mr Harrison’s excellent willow pot making video .
    As a group in Gorran Haven we have been making pots during this winter ,hoping to keep alive this craft .
    I have watched his video many times , I would really like more information and details of the gadget he uses to bend the bars down prior to the ringing , that’s the word we use for that operation ,
    Also the other piece of kit he uses to anchor the bars into place at the base of the stand .
    Any information would be very helpful
    Thank you
    Forbes Sabey

  2. What a lovely time I have had listening to you in how to make a willow lobster pot – but I will need help i doing my own. Is there any way I can have more help ?any hands on course you might do at home. Or just any thing .love to know I am a chair caner so have some hands on .please let me know

    Thanks so much loved listening and watching will have to do many times xx

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