Making A Bush Knife From An Old File: The Knife Bench

Making bush knives from old files is a skill which goes a long way back. Here, one man in his workshop transforms the old into the new.

“When I make a bad knife it’s because I have rushed a certain step along the way. But I think when I make a good knife, a decent knife, it’s because I relish the experience of making it. I think the knife itself captures that pleasure I’ve found. That’s why I make these things.” says Jonathan Vanballenberghe

“I am not embarrassed to admit that I use belt grinders, buffing wheels, and knives like other people use massages and hot tubs: for relaxation and escape. The process of making knives is hypnotic and addictive, in a healthy way.”

5 thoughts on “Making A Bush Knife From An Old File: The Knife Bench”

  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for this film. A great example of recycling and ending up with a tool which is exactly how you want it.
    All the best to you all, Dave.

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