Making A Traditional Finnish Sheath Knife

The Finnish sheath knife is world famous for its quality and function.

Kauhava, a parish in Finland has become synonymous with the hand-made Finnish sheath knife known as the Puukko.

Kauhava is more generally known for arts and crafts traditions. This tradition of craftsmanship lends itself very well to the making of all the components of the traditional Kauhavan Puukko sheath knife.

From blacksmithing the blades to shaping silver fittings, to fashioning birch bark into knife handles as well as creating hand-made leather sheaths which fit the knives like a glove.

There is also more intricate craft work involved in creating silver and brass inlays on the handles, engraving the silver fittings, etching the blades and decorating the leather sheathes.

The result is a functional work of art.

That is what the Kauhavan knife represents.

The above video shows the making of one of these iconic knives, from working steel into the blade to grinding the blade, to polishing, to engraving to making the handle and other fittings. Also the leather sheathes are made by the same maker in this video (not always the case) and there is good detail on this process too.

A lovely historical film for a general audience but also plenty of practical detail for the knife enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Making A Traditional Finnish Sheath Knife”

  1. Hi Paul
    I’m very glad you have this web site up and running and what I have seen sofar fantastic, this video was so enjoyable to watch and at 03.20 uk not an interest in sleep? I’ll be up for hours.
    Thanks for the work and effort Paul & the team

  2. Great video of such a highly skilled professional creating a work of art but functional tool. It’s so inspirational I’m going to make my own sheath and customise my knife. Probably fall flat but got to start somewhere.

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