Nine Rivers And 1000km By Canoe

Nine Rivers follows four men on a month-long, thousand kilometre canoe journey through the Canadian shield to Hudson Bay.

The journey begins in Pickle Lake, where Ontario’s paved roads end, and follows nine rivers that cross three watersheds on the way to Fort Severn, a small community on the shores of the Bay.

The route proves as difficult as it is varied.

Cutting over a thousand kilometres of Canadian Shield, it includes massive rivers and nameless creeks, upstream slogs and whitewater runs.

Beautifully captured DSLR filming in difficult conditions. This is a recent Global Bushlife favourite…

2 thoughts on “Nine Rivers And 1000km By Canoe”

    1. Yup it’s one of our all-time favourite adventure films too. Canoeing in canoe country is hard to beat but this film comes close to the reality of being on a trip.

      Best, GB

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