How To Weave A Hat From Cedar Bark

First People of the Pacific Northwest, cedar is part of the fabric of their coastal forest environment and a hugely important resource.

Many things can be made from cedar and many parts of the tree are useful.

The bark is useful for weaving and one of the things made by the Coast Salish native people of the Pacific Northwest was woven hats of cedar bark.

This documentary tells the story of cedar, its cultural and material significance as well as detailing how to make a traditional woven cedar bark hat.

Sit back, watch and learn…

2 thoughts on “How To Weave A Hat From Cedar Bark”

  1. What do I use to keep the cedar hat shape while weaving. I am 76 yrs old , this week I am going to start with roses. Then I want to try a hat also mini hats. thank you .
    Elder Phyllis kehoe
    Skookum Chuck, Skatin

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