First Nations Of British Columbia: Together On The Coast

The stunning Northern coast of British Columbia can be described as colourful, complex and diverse.

Strong trade links, marine based industry and tourism are a major sources of revenue for this area which in turn generates a desire to maintain the region’s integrity.

“If we are to preserve human values and maintain the health of the eco-system and provide some level of certainty for future generations, then we must communicate with one another”.

The marine eco-system of the British Columbian coastline connects a myriad of natural resources. In this world, nutrients and habitats are shared in a complex web that supports a healthy and resiliant eco-system.

Likewise, the First Nations of British Columbia’s coastline have exchanged their wealth of resources and knowledge, creating a complex, traditional culture and a sustainable economy.

The coastal nations have created a management model where human activities are grounded in values that ensures sustainability.

With such a tremendous diversity of users and uses, the community and cultural well-being of the coastal nations is not just a goal but a reality.

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