Deer Stalking In British Woodland

Deer in Britain have no natural predators, other than man.

This is partly because some deer species found in Britain are non-native, having been introduced by man.

It is also because man long ago extinguished the last of the predators such as bears, wolves and wolverine.

Deer are a prey species and their reproductive rate is set to withstand the pressure of predation.

Without predation deer populations – particularly of herd deer – can increase around 25% per year.

This has a knock on effect to the rest of the habitat, with increased damage to trees and less herbage available to other species.

Expanding deer populations also contribute to a significant number of road traffic accidents and human injuries, even deaths, as deer push out from their home area trying to find more food.

Hence, it is that deer stalkers work to control numbers in the British countryside and maintain a reasonable balance.

Here, professional deer stalker Chris Howard explains his work…

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