Bushmen Hunters Of The Kalahari

The San tribe of the Kalahari are masters of the desert, tracking their prey for miles, killing with poison arrows.

Zookeeper Hayden Turner is more used to looking after African animals than hunting them. But in this National Geographic documentary – part of the Hunters Of The Lost World Series – he follows bushmen hunters on an amazing hunt where the tribesmen have only meagre resources and employ exceptional skill.

To them wildlife is food, not a zoo exhibit.

These hunters knowledge of animal behaviour here in this part of the world is the best on the planet.

They have tracked and hunted animals in this African desert for around 60,000 years.

Five of the best hunters from the village take Hayden under their wing on a hunting trip.

Of his experience, and in particular witnessing the San bushmen hunter’s abilities with bow and arrow, Hayden sums it up “Accuracy, beautiful design and a huge amount of skill…And I’ve seen it first hand. It’s a great privilege”.

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