The Last Clog Maker

The clog is one of the oldest forms of footwear made from wood and leather, traceable back to Medieval times.

A cheap and efficient form of foot protection, the humble Clog is most prevalent in wetter climates hence the term ‘clogged up’, which comes from the accumulation of wet soil on the bottom of the Clog.

Jeremy Atkinson carries on this ancient craft with all the work done in-house. From sourcing the wood and leather to the dyes and rivets, he finds it rewarding but not necessarily a profitable way to earn a living.

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Another interesting link. More artisans such as Jeremy would keep this wonderful skill alive for another few generations. I still have a pair from 1972 which I wore like trainers. Not so easy to run in!
    PS The link doesn’t seem to work. Try this

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