Nomads Of The Rainforest: Waorani People of Eastern Ecuador

In the depths of the Amazon rainforest, a Waorani hunter stalks his prey, as his ancestors have done for hundreds of years.

His blow gun poised and quiver of poison darts close at hand, he gazes into the densely interwoven layer of branches which forms the canopy.

Ten storeys above the forest floor an unsuspecting wooly monkey searches for food.

The hunter quickly prepares a poison dart while carefully watching his prey above.

So starts this 1980s PBS documentary on the life of these indigenous people of the Amazon, which provides a fascinating insight into their life in the forest.

At the time this documentary was filmed it was only 30 or so years since first contact with the Waorani people.

On one level the 1980s don’t seem so long ago, but on another this film now seems vintage – both in terms of the production but also in terms of how quickly traditional ways of life of indigenous Amazonian peoples are disappearing due to displacement, development and violence….

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