Nenets People Of The Russian Far North

In the vast arctic tundra of the Russian north, there are still virgin territories, rich with wildlife, where modern civilisation has yet to creep in.

The Kanin Penninsula neighbours the Kola Peninsula. It separates the White Sea from the Barents Sea in European Russia.

The area is covered with thick bushes, grass, moss, stones and numerous rivulets.

In the summer, the Kanin peninsula turns into a haven for huge herds of deer, travelling across the boundless tundra.

The Nenets people are an indigenous people of this part of northern arctic Russia.

Traditionally nomadic people who followed and depended up the reindeer, their culture suffered under Soviet policies.

But even those who are settled in villages in the far north, still live close to the land with their main activities including fishing, mushroom picking and berry picking.

The reindeer-based culture is still strong too, however, and using reindeer as a draft animals throughout the year enables them to cover great distances across the tundra.

This documentary looks at the life of the highly resilient Nenets in this wild and remote part of the world.

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