Indigenous Indonesian People And The Struggle For Their Homeland

“Land is life. The relationship between mother earth and nature as a source of life to the nature of Indigenous Peoples as a guard for the future of our children and grandchildren is an indisputable fact.”

How does Indonesia mediate a shared vision for sustainable and equitable land use?

How do you manage International Human Rights on a National level?

A forum developed to promote the Free Prior and Informed Consent concept and to return to the laws of the 1945 Constitution talks of success.

By sitting together, discussing together and creating together, conflict is reduced. The indigenous peoples are recognised for their value and the developers are respected for the improvements they offer.

There is no place for unilateral control. Conflict happens when people feel they have no recognition or protection. “We cannot have development without peace.”

The Indigenous Peoples Alliance pushes for Existence, Identification and Resilience in order to gain Economic, Social and Cultural development.

Their aim is to be politically sovereign, economically independent and culturally dignified.

Tobo hama-hama,
Tutu hama-hama,
Taan hama-hama.

“Sit together, discuss together, create together.” – Lamaholot indigenous wisdom, Flores Timur.

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