Defending The Amazon Rainforest: Standing With Indigenous Peoples

The Amazon – called ‘The Lungs of the Earth’ as they absorb carbon dioxide and generate one fifth of the world’s oxygen and fresh water.

Amazon Watch is committed to protecting the Amazon from the voracious appetite of developers who are destroying it for natural resources. Such resources have contributed to health and medicine and still may hold numerous undiscovered species that could help us in the future.

Amazon Watch has been working for the past 15 years in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. They have successfully prevented further destruction by building alliances with and working alongside Indigenous communities to fight for a more sustainable future.

The communities only want “..A life of dignity and possibility” and Amazon Watch not only want that, but also want to bring Corporations to account for the damage they have done and plan on doing.

“Now, more than ever”, says this film by Amazon Watch, “We need the Indigenous people to teach the modern world about living in harmony with nature. Their future hangs in the balance, as does ours. For the sake of future generations, for clean air and fresh water, please help”

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  1. Until the future of humanity, the earth, and our co-inhabitants become more valuable than the Almighty Dollar, nothing will change.

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